Help is here.
Hope is present.


Fact: young adults don’t like to be told what to do.

Even less so when they’ve been struggling to find a sense of control.
Or a connection to the body they find themselves in.

They’ve done their best and tried to handle their feelings on their own…which has disconnected them from their body, and the people around them. And that distance grows more and more every day.

And then, when a body begins to decline and medical teams take over, ambiguity everywhere can make it even harder to feel like they have choice or a voice in the process of trying to get better – which ultimately makes things worse.

counselling for young adults

Now, it’s also a fact: it’s not you.

Eating disorders, body image and self confidence issues run rampant in young adults. From impact and influence of social media to trying to heal or numb a deep pain or trauma, the underlying feelings can be that of inadequacy, anger, shame and sadness.

And no matter where your young adult, or a young adult in your life, finds themselves on the spectrum of struggling to identify with their physical body, know this:

There is help, there is possibility, and there is hope.

(You can exhale here – relief for your young one, and yourself, is on its way)

That road back to connection—to themselves—is best navigated with an open ear, gentle reminders, and time to heal…in safe space where they can come undone, in their way, and in their time.

Consider this to be that space for young adults to be heard, and to heal.


With clinical counselling services focused specifically on eating disorders, body positivity and self esteem, the conversations center each individual as their own expert, nurture a renewed sense of self acceptance and understanding, and offer fresh perspectives – always in a kind, confidential, zero-judgment and never-rushed space, empowering meaningful growth and change, in a supportive way.

Either working solely with the young adult seeking counselling, or in partnership with a team of professionals working to help them turn the corner to recovery in or out of hospitalization, a co-creative and collaborative approach to long term health, wellbeing and success is the goal.


“We were petrified, and then we found Julie. We had a plan, we had support, we had someone that was able to tap in and connect with our daughter with a kindness and fierceness that saved our daughter’s life. Those around us, our family and friends, some understood the severity of our daughter’s illness, others never will. Julie understood and knew what to do, what had to be done, with a calm, professional, thorough, flexible, genuine, caring tenacity that we are forever grateful for.”

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I was being approached by other parents of children in need of help and I did not hesitate to give them Julie’s number to call.  We were in crisis mode and I was handing out the “oxygen masks” to anyone and everyone in need.
We know that we have a partner in our daughter’s care for life, we are connected to Julie through the knowledge that she shared, the bright and approachable way that she communicated and brought our daughter through the darkest time in her life, one step at a time.


Julie fought for and saved our daughter’s life; the GP was out of touch, Julie knew what needed to be done and did it. We are forever grateful to Julie.️
After 100 days in hospital and a gradual return to an improved routine, under Julie’s watchful eye and guidance, we are coming out of this period in our lives with many changes.  Our daughter knows herself and she likes who she is, in addition to being emotionally stronger, she is “A Warrior” and owns the battle that she fought and continues to fight with the tools that Julie gave her; acceptance and overcoming the stigma is her and our rallying cry.  Our daughter is a Leader in her field, widely respected and a role model to all those around her -none of this would have been possible without Julie, our Guardian Angel.

To help them find their voice.
Their independence.
And their way back to themselves.

Counselling services: $120.00/hour.

*Serving Vancouver’s North Shore and Sea to Sky communities.

Who’s going to guide them there?

Get to know Julie and the ethos that informs the way Three Peaks helps reconnect what’s been disconnected.

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