Facing conversations
you’re not sure how to have?

Three Peaks Services for children, youth parents and educators

Giving the children and youth in your life all the insight, information and resources they need to thrive is a big job.

Beyond feeling confident in tackling the big talks (‘Hey, what does sex mean?’) to the tough times (like an eating disorder exposing itself), knowing what to say, and when, in a way that makes a mark and creates change is a full time job in itself.

Which is where Three Peaks comes in.

Out to normalize the human experience, bust taboos, and inspire independence through information and empowerment, Three Peaks is the container for the conversations you’re not sure you know how to have, that cultivate the empowered children and youth you know you want.

Specializing in education for sexual health, mental health, body positivity and parenting strategies along with clinical counselling for eating disorders, body positivity and self esteem in young adults, every service is designed to support children and youth grow into kick ass people that support each other.


And it’s all in the name of independence;

Empowering children and youth — and the adults and educators that advocate for them — to connect with the strength and courage they have inside.

What does a community of empowered, informed, aware and confident children and youth look like?

empowered children and youth
  • Advocating and standing up for others is the norm…not the exception

  • We witness a generation of individuals who are comfortable in their bodies; with their weight, their sexuality, their anatomy, their mental health…all of it

  • ‘No’ actually means ‘no’; kids know how to use theirs, listen to the ‘no’ of others, and respect healthy boundaries

  • Children and youth experience independence; an understanding of themselves and their bodies and minds, and a respect for the choices of others

Discover more about how Three Peaks serves:


children in a sexual health class

Help the kids in your life or your classroom understand their body, mind, and more.


counselling services for children and youth

Support a young adult struggling with eating disorder or body image issues recapture confidence.


“Julie did an amazing job today with my daughters grade 5 class talking about puberty. I was pleasantly surprised as I drove them to dance this afternoon, that they were openly talking about puberty and periods. Our daughter seems so comfortable to talk to both myself and her dad about stuff I would have never been able to discuss with my parents when I was her age.”


Come here looking to get some rest?

Supporting families struggling to get some sleep when little ones are having a hard time going down, sleep consulting helps get everyone back to their own normal in a way that works for you.

And it’s just one click away.

take me to sleep town

“I do not even know where to begin. This whole experience has been life changing. By the time we finally admitted out loud that we needed sleep training we had nearly given up. I don’t think I truly appreciated how much of our lives were effected by our child’s sleep (or should I say sleep-less) routines. We didn’t have the energy to care for ourselves and we definitely didn’t have energy to care for each other and because of this everything in our lives and relationships struggled. In one week I can honestly say that our lives have changed. ”