So, they asked you to
talk about sex.

Sexual health education

And, a bevvy of other conversations that land a touch outside of your ‘I’ve totally got this’ comfort zone.

There are resources online that can help you pull together a conversation or class on sexual health. And yes, you can totally wing it.


The landscape of sexual education is constantly changing.

On top of the dynamism of the dialogue, add in the factor of today’s online culture, and you’ve got a whole new world of the ‘birds and the bees’.

There’s so much information out there these days, knowing what to teach, when, how, and to who becomes a bit blurry…making it easy to simply push it off or push it back, hoping next year they’ll get ‘a talk’!


If the goal is to nurture future generations into kind, open, caring, and respectful humans who don’t shy from taboos and create more inclusive and accepting communities…why not spend less time battling the inner ‘don’t mess this up’ concerns and offer them an accessible and safe space to learn about their sexual and mental health?

Bring professionally facilitated, science-based, education-backed and curriculum-aligned approach to the conversations and bigger picture of sexual and mental health to students, other educators and parent groups.

  • Sexuality

  • Gender

  • Body Science

  • Mental Health

  • Body Image

  • Abuse prevention

  • Empowerment

  • Internet safety

  • Healthy relationships

  • Self-esteem

  • Suicide prevention

  • Stress management

  • Leadership training  for youth

  • Sleep


“Julie Miller came into my elementary classroom to teach children about the changes of puberty. She is well versed in the B.C. curriculum and sexual health education. Julie easily engages students, establishing a positive and respectful rapport that encourages questions. Her sessions are informative, well-organized and accessible to all learners. Julie uses straight-forward, scientific terms and positive, inclusive language. I particularly appreciate Julie’s thoughtful, inclusive approach to gender identity.​”


How? I was hoping you’d ask.

Get the details around in-class and workshop experiences, complete with year-by-year curriculum content in a handy PDF.

*Great for sharing with other educators, parents, PAC groups or school leadership*


And heads-up!

If you’re seeking some support in sharing the importance of sexual health education with the decision makers in your school or community, know you’ve got a partner in crafting that communication to get them on board. Simply reach out and we’ll get the message across.

Breathe a sigh of relief.

that there’s someone keen to cover the tricky subjects, and feel confident supporting your kids in what they’re learning, and the choices they’re making as a result

(and get ready for a lot of anatomical body talk – almost guaranteed)

Education services start at $100.00/hour.

*Custom packages, programming, workshops and conversations available.

This teacher’s ready for you.

Get the goods on what makes Three Peaks’ approach unique, and meet the human ready to bring taboo-free talks to your community.

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