In the name of cultivating curiosity

No question is a bad question – especially when it’s in the name of empowerment.


You’re right. Call me passionately curious or wildly ambitious. Up to you. But a never ending want to help and an insatiable hunger to learn has led me down the path of the student time and time (and time) again. So, here’s the Cole’s Notes on my certifications and qualifications:

Bachelors of Psychology

Bachelors of Social Work

Masters in Social Work – focus on Eating Disorders

Certified Sleep Consultant – Family Sleep Institute

Trauma-Based Yoga Certification

Options For Sexual Health Certified Sexual Health Educator

Bachelors of Education (Spring 2019)

Critical Incident Stress Management Training

It’s a unique mix. And, all these different experiences and perspectives offer me an expansive toolkit to pull from, and a diverse array of insights to offer students, parents, educators, counselling patients…the list goes on. And, certifications only go so far – what matters most is our fit; that my style works for you.

Expect open and honest dialogue that always comes from love and care. Anticipate intent listening and thoughtful questions. And be ready to have any conversation, ask any question, and always be encouraged to look within.

To make the conversations as culturally diverse and inclusive as possible, and as part of the Options training, I’ll always talk about body science; bring everything back to what science says about physical and sexual health. If a student shares something their parents have told them or asks a question that exposes a family belief or value, I make sure to celebrate that these conversations are happening in their home, encourage them to keep having those values based dialogues. Zero judgement, zero make wrong, full openness, and a clear body-science response.

I hear you – managing a household budget is a big deal. So – both clinical counselling and sleep consulting can be submitted to your benefits provider. In class education experiences would be billed to the school district or PAC that has funded it, and parent education classes are per-participant (not able to be claimed to benefits – unfortunately). Looking for grants is also an option – and we can partner in seeking those solutions.

Being in the process of completing my Bachelor’s of Education, I’m tightly knitted up in the BC curriculum, and have crafted the sessions I offer to each grade of students thoughtfully and strategically to align with those standards, ensuring we don’t require extra forms to be completed by parents – which, in my experience, keeps more kids in the classroom and the access to the information higher.

Understanding the curriculum coupled with experience in the social work field supporting families with young children offers a unique blend of insight into how to stay on-curriculum and how to engage students. Keeping sexual health education as a yearly experience from K-12 is so important as students mature – helping them make more informed and independent choices along the way.

I’ve got you. You can send me a note through this website, or contact me at Rest, and a return to your normal, is near.

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